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Hybrid Events

Our green screen studio with a size of 7m x 4m is available for rent.

We are the first in Singapore to have the TriCaster 2 Elite on our hands. TriCaster 2 Elite can broadcast out 3D virtual environments, title animations, music playback and teleprompters for your live streaming needs. Along with Panasonic’s PTZ Camera which are remote control cameras that are integrated with 3D Virtual Environment using tracking technology.​

We are capable of broadcast switching and chroma key programming for any desired camera angles and 3D virtual environment. ​

For your creative needs, we can do 2D/3D Character designing, 

motion graphics or visual effects.​

We will also provide lighting design and programming along with audio

engineering to make your event look and sound professional.​

With this, we have a full set of services to provide you with the best ​

experience of a hybrid event.​

If you are interested or would like to know more do​

contact us!​

Hybrid Events
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